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Rivet #1

This little book is the first issue of Rivet. Our goal was to show off some of the fantastic work that is constantly being produced by students and alumni. The submissions that have caught our attention came from people that chose to work with unconventional methods and processes, for example, using 89 pieces of string to communicate a phrase, or using internet stock photos to create surreal landscapes. We also had the pleasure of having Fiona Smyth to tell us why she loves zines, as well as an interview with Tom Briggs who won the Medal in Graphic Design last year.
We wanted to create a platform to show off the best of our homegrown talent and judging by the submissions we received for this issue, we think we have achieved that.
—Mimi Li & Marta Ryczko


Ansel Schmidt

Anthony Gerace

Benjamin Verdicchio

Brianna Lowe

Eric Kostiuk Williams

Fiona Smyth

Iris Karuna

Jeff Fenwick

Jenny Hsieh

Laura Keung

Lido Pimiento

Lynden Joudrey

Melissa Luk

Michelle Liando

Ness Lee

Paul Tseng

Sab Meynert

Tom Briggs

Troy Pynn

William Meneses

Directed by Mimi Li and Marta Ryczko, with the assistance of Thary Chhom, Peter Ha, Sab Meynert, and Joana Patrasc

Designed by Mimi Li and Marta Ryczko

Published by the OCAD U Student Press

Printed by Standard Form