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The OCAD U Student Press is a student-run, award-winning publishing platform that celebrates the work and ideas of the OCAD U community. Founded in 2007, we produce Broadsheet and Shift, host Function, and facilitate Workshop to cultivate research, dialogue, and criticism at the university as well as within a broader creative culture. Student Press publications are at times a journal, a news source, and a repository of practice. We embrace a hybrid editorial mode, as well as collaboration with other collectives and projects. Most recently, the Student Press has produced work with and for The Impact Collective, and the Visual & Critical Studies BA Annual.


From the very beginning, the founders of the OCAD University Student Press saw a great deal of potential in the amount of thought-provoking and relevant research being done in this institution. Every year, OCAD U students produce amazing projects that, for the most part, unfortunately fail to be recorded in any tangible format. After watching this trend repeated throughout the years, it became clear that this work, research and activism needed to be showcased and archived.


The OCAD University Student Press is on a mission to tap into the art and design-based thinking being explored everyday at our institution. What began first as a collaborative collection of Environmental Design and Industrial Design thesis work, eventually opened up to students from all disciplines.